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Captioning & Transcription Services & UT

As a content creator or owner it’s your responsibility to to ensure that the materials you provide as part of your course as accessible to every student in your “audience”. Specifically, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires all media used

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Take your PowerPoint Slideshows to the Next Level

Are you (and your students) tired of the same old PowerPoint slideshows? Would you like a few different ways to take your slideshows to the next level? Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We have several new resources

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BigBlueButton Deeper Dive

  Take a deeper dive into BigBlueButton and learn about how you can get started using this in your Canvas course right away. Create a New Conference with BigBlueButton Invite Students to Join Your Conference Record Your Conference Share Your

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Zoom VS BigBlueButton

Which One Should You Use? Zoom and BigBlueButton are both “video conferencing” tools, and they have a lot in common. But, they also have some important differences. And deciding which one you should use will depend in large part on

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Zoom & BigBlueButton: Web Conferencing Made Easy

Do you ever have guest lecturers who can’t be THERE with you and your students in class? Do you ever wish you could offer ‘virtual office hours’ for your students? Would you like to let students work together in a

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Getting Started in Our New 1st Floor Classrooms

  Whether you haven’t yet had a chance to really explore our new first-floor classrooms, or you’d like a quick refresher before your next class, these three short videos (12 minutes total) will give you a quick overview of how

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A Curated Toolkit for Instructors

The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) recently unveiled a new website full of resources just for you! Called “QUICK FIC Solutions – A Curated Toolkit for Instructors”, this website contains more than 50 short videos that will show you tips and best

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How to create a video for a class – Teaching in Higher Ed

I have been talking often about the learning management system (LMS), Canvas, these past few days. We are switching over to it for the coming academic year, which, according to my calculations, starts in about two and a half seconds.

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Getting Started with YouTube

  If you’re anything like me, when you think of YouTube you probably think of cat videos and other sorts of general silliness. But over the last few years, YouTube has grown by leaps and bounds and become the third

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Adding Narration to PowerPoint Slideshows

There are lots of ways you can record things for future use. And, there are just as many reasons you might want to. For example, you can record audio or video directly into you Canvas course. This would be a

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