You need help. So, who can you call?

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There’s never any shortage of information here at UT.

So, this is just a friendly reminder about some of the services and resources available to you and other faculty in the School of Nursing.

Three resources that you may find most useful (I hope) are:

  1. the School of Nursing Instructional Designer (that’s me!)
  2. The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC)
  3. and, Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services (LAITS)


Sean White – ME! – Instructional Technology & Design Support within UTSON

  • Instructional Technology support
    • Need help with Canvas, or Zoom, or Proctorio, or Panopto, or PowerPoint, or… dozens of other software and teaching tools?
    • Not sure if a particular tool or software is approved for use at UT?
    • If I don’t know the answer, I will find it or find someone who does.
  • Instructional Design support
    • Instructional Designers create things that help people learn. So, if you need ANY teaching-related assistance, not just with technology, I’m here to help. I can share ideas from other faculty or help you come up with a custom solution for your students.

More information and lots of resources are available here on my blog:


FIC – UT Faculty Professional Development & Instructional Support

The FIC provides all of UT faculty with many of the same services that I provide within the School of Nursing. But they also have the ability to do much more.

  • Instructional Strategies
  • Teaching with Technology
  • Grad Student Development
  • New Faculty Symposium
  • Grants and Fellowships

All these and more are offered by the team at the FIC. And much more information is available on their website:


LAITS – Desktop & Classroom Support

LAITS primarily helps us maintain our computer hardware, our physical equipment. They are also here to help us install and update software, ensure computer security, and more.

  • Desktop support – need assistance with your office or work computer? Maybe you need to software installed or it’s time to upgrade you to a completely new computer.
  • Classroom support – need help in a Nursing classroom with ANY of the audio/visual hardware in our classrooms? Maybe the projector isn’t working, or the microphone is malfunctioning, or you can’t find a USB port for the computer.
  • Contacting LAITS
    • They are available in-person, 3 days / week in their 2nd-floor office but due to Covid restrictions, please contact them by phone or email.
    • You can call 512-471-5000 or email
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