You need help. So, what now?

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You need help. But, who do you call?


Especially now that we’re all working remotely, when you need help, it’s not always clear whom to contact. So, here are some guidelines that might help.

  1. If you need help with IT issues – hardware or software – ┬ácontact LAITS at or 512-471-5000.

LAITS support staff have been pulled in from other teams to provide you with additional help when you need it so you can expect immediate assistance by phone and same-day replies to your emails.


2. If you need help with Zoom: email


3. If you need help with teaching and instructional questions (Canvas, Proctorio, pedagogy, etc.), contact me.


If you don’t know whom to contact, don’t worry, don’t overthink it, send one email to the email addresses below and one of us will make sure you get directed to the appropriate support destination.,




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