Microsoft Teams for HIPAA-compliant Video Conferencing

The University now recommends the use of Microsoft Teams for those requiring HIPAA-compliant video conferencing options.

For Nursing faculty and staff not currently using Teams for virtual meetings that require HIPAA-compliance:

  • Zoom is not HIPAA-compliant. And therefore, cannot be used for tele-health visits or other meetings where protected health information (PHI) is discussed.
  • Zoom is still, and will continue to be, integrated into your Canvas courses and is still the recommended tool for teaching purposes, office hours, etc.
  • The Provost’s Office has decided not to pursue HIPAA-compliance for Zoom and therefore recommends the use of Teams for this purpose.
  • Teams is one of the many tools already available to all UT faculty and staff as part of our Office 365 accounts:


If you need to begin using Teams for your non-teaching-related virtual meetings, here’s how to begin:


Finally, please note that Zoom should still be used for teaching purposes both in and outside of Canvas. If you have questions about Zoom, email or click here Or contact me for one-on-one consultations.

Teams should be used for non-teaching situations where HIPAA-compliance is required. If you have questions or need assistance with Teams, please contact or click here

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