Lectures Online in the School of Nursing

‘Lectures Online’ is a new system that has been added to 4 of our 1st-floor classrooms* that will automatically record your lectures and add them to your Canvas course.

Beginning with the Fall 2020 semester, rooms equipped with Lectures Online will automatically record any signals that are sent to the projector and the speakers in the room. The recordings will be published in Canvas automatically, shortly after your class. All you need to do is remember to use one of the wireless microphones in the room.

Whatever is projected onto the screen and whatever is spoken into the microphone will be recorded. However, there is no camera pointed at you or your students.


Lectures Online is  not a streaming service however. Synchronous communication with remote audience can be done through Zoom. Here are some links that may give you some ideas on how to conduct your seminar this fall. Please remember that we’ve (LAITS) been hastily installing equipment and testing various models – we haven’t had the time to update websites and proofread content in the instruction videos. Maybe we’ll have that kind of time in September.


Here are some of the available resources to help you begin getting used to this new system and to our new teaching reality:


Dual-mode instruction main page:



Professor Lecturing to the Class



Professor Lecturing to the Project Screens



Professor Lecturing to Split Audience



Large Classroom



Medium Classroom



Small Classrooms



* 1.108, 1.112, 1.116, and 1.118

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